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Steven Gonzalez is a New York-based photographer born and raised in Brooklyn. His photography is an honest and compassionate chronicle of the daily trials and tribulations of New Yorkers from all walks of life. New York City is a living, breathing character in his work. He is interested in abstract form and human emotion and how human emotion influences and changes our perception of form. Steven's subjects range from the lost to the forgotten to the celebrated in New York. He is intuitively drawn to those the city has learned to take for granted. The painter you might pass on the street and never notice or talk to; the homeless woman who always smiles at you when you step out of your cab, no matter how hungry or broke she may be; the young lovers sitting close together on a park bench, their words lost within the sound of the endless city traffic. His work is an unreflected, honest and deeply emotional exploration of those unseen and unnoticed. It is new, exciting and extremely contemporary.In addition, Steven is interested in working with abstract designs and shapes. His city landscapes achieve the same layered and deeply personal work of abstract painters and sculptors. Colors and textures and light blend to create a new and shockingly honest vision of reality. His abstract work calls attention to how we relate to our environment, and in turn, how we relate to ourselves. Steven is part of the new wave of deeply personal and genuine artists. He hopes you enjoy his work.